Jabsco PAR-Max 4 Bilge/Shower Drain Pump 12V 31705-0092




31705 Bilge and Shower Drain Pump
Bilge/Livewell/General Purpose Diaphragm Pump


  • 12v
  • Self-Priming from dry up to 2.4m (7.8ft)
  • Run dry without damage
  • Smooth flow
  • Four piston, diaphragm pump
  • Powerful heavy duty motor with Thermal Overload Protection
  • Snap-in Ports
  • Waterproof coating
  • Meets USCG Regulation 183.410 and EN ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection Standards)
  • Meets EN 50081-1 Electro-magnetic Compatiblity
  • Complies with EN ISO 8849 MARINE Electric Bilge Pump


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