Our Process  
Let’s start with two statements of fact: 1. Boats are complex pieces of machinery and 2. Not all boat buyers are created equally. Because of these two facts, selling a boat can be difficult without the right representation. A broker should know your vessel and be able to bridge the communication gap between you as the seller, and the buyer. Smart boat brokers, like ours, know that not all boat buyers have the same intentions for a boat, care for their boat the same way, or use it with the same frequency. At Weiss Marine we understand all of this and try to maintain a “Vessel Neutral” approach. Please don’t confuse “Vessel Neutral” with lack of enthusiasm for your vessel but rather it is an attitude of calm in the face of an emotional storm. We know that the buying and selling process can be an emotional time which is why we have our process to help us stay the course and keep our eye on the prize: securing an expedient sale for your boat at the most premium price the market will bear for your boat.  
Pre-Listing Prep  
Stage the Vessel – The cleaner and more clutter free boat fetches the best price. It’s that plain and simple! We make suggestions on what to remove from the boat to get it ready for sale. We might also suggest a professional detailing and perhaps some repairs if needed.  
Draft our Marketing Piece – Your broker crafts a professional message about your boat which, because of our experience, we know has the best chance to sell your boat expeditiously and at a premium price. We highlight the aspects that attract wanted attention by suitors.  
Take Pictures – Pictures sell and we know which items to photograph.  
The Listing  
Determine and Launch our Marketing Campaign – We select from a recipe of 50+ websites to list your boat depending upon the characteristics of your vessel. We have invested thousands of dollars with several websites so that your listing gets priority placement.  
Let the Back Channel Know – We talk to brokers all the time. Because of our solid relationship with dozens and dozens of them, they trust our opinion of your boat and often will send their customers our way having not seen the boat themselves.  
The Sales Process  
 6. Determine the Contenders versus the Pretenders – Our aggressive marketing campaign will generate a lot of interest but not all of the interested parties are qualified or serious. It is our job to shield you from the tire kickers and bring only those qualified purchasers to your boat.  
7. Schedule the Showings – Nothing generates more excitement for a buyer than getting them on your boat.  We expertly highlight your boat’s best aspects to qualified buyers.  
The Offer  
8. Offers in Writing and By the Book – All offers are presented formally and legally.  We ensure that buyers have been pre-qualified for financing, if needed, and we take their deposit and hold it safely in an escrow account on your behalf.  
9. The Inspection, Survey and Sea Trial – We work with the buyer to arrange for a survey and sea trial of your vessel. Having strong relationships with reasonable and qualified surveyors to perform this function is the key to this process. If need be, we will also schedule a haul out at a nearby boatyard for a bottom inspection. All of these arrangements are done with as little impact to you as possible. We know that your time is valuable!  
10. Repairs if Needed – We will coordinate repairs found during the survey if need be. We strive to do this as economically as possible and recognize this is not news any boat owner wants to hear. It is, however, a reality that needs to be dealt with and we do our best to make the process as painless as possible for you.  
Consummating the Sale  
11. Contracts and Flow of Sale Proceeds – We labor to make this process easy.  No one likes the paperwork (including us!) but we do everything above board and legally.  I have conducted and created an Excel program that makes all the paperwork streamline and efficient.  We use industry accepted contracts so that both you and the buyer are protected.   At the end of the day, our reputation is extremely important to us and a botched closing does little to keep that intact. Upon closing, a financial statement will be delivered to both parties delineating the payouts and receipts.  
12. Delivery of your Vessel – We will help arrange to have your boat delivered to the buyer if need be. Delivery might be by land or sea. All arrangements will be made with the buyer and does not involve you. We do want the purchaser to be happy with their choice, however, and work after the funds exchange hands to make that happen.    

Pricing Methodology  

Setting a price for your boat is an extremely important exercise. It is as much an art as it is a science. At Weiss Marine we exercise extreme care in suggesting a price point. We have found through our vast experience it is always best to first assess the condition and equipment of your vessel. Once we have a thorough familiarity with your boat we are able to start researching the market to understand where boats like yours have sold recently. We employ several services which gives us insight into actual sold comparable(s). We also then consult with blue book guides to provide additional color.   The next step is to understand what the competition looks like in terms of how many boats like yours are on the market, where they are located and at what price and equipment the competition brings to market. It takes a trained eye to understand how the market truly perceives the value of upgrades, add on(s), condition, etc. We have over 20 years marine sales experience and are truly in touch with market conditions to suggest a competitive price.   Determining the market price is only the first half of the consultative process on which we pride ourselves. At Weiss Marine we know that your boat is important to you not only from the memories it has provided, but the financial asset it represents. We endeavor to understand your sense of urgency at selling your boat, your target financial recovery, and your carry costs associated with each month it remains unsold. We have developed a proprietary financial model which helps you understand the true cost of setting the correct price versus a prolonged sale period due to a price which is out of market.   Once all of this material is assembled, we believe in transparency. We will show you exactly how we arrived at our suggested price taking all of the aforementioned factors into account. We will show you step by step what the competition looks like, how your boat stacks up, your costs associated with each month we don’t achieve a sale and what the recent sales look like. Together, and only together, will we arrive at a price point in which you will be comfortable with.     

Marketing Techniques and Strategies
We work very hard to assemble the right marketing strategy to sell your boat. It all starts with our experience.  We know what sells which is why we choose different aspects to highlight in our listings. There is no boat we are not familiar with and at Weiss Marine we will carefully craft your listing.   It should be no secret that print advertising is a dying art which is why we have migrated to a robust internet campaign. You may be saying to yourself as you read this “I can use the internet just as well as these jokers” and that would be a true statement if all we were talking about was posting an advertisement on Craigslist or Ebay.   At Weiss Marine we utilize a recipe from over 50+ websites to market your boat. We don’t just post your boat on one site and hope for the best. We saturate the market with your listing to optimize exposure and generate real interest. Our goal is to have your boat show up on the 1st page of a dedicated Google search at least 4 times within the 1st 2 weeks of listing your boat. Furthermore, we have invested thousands of dollars to become premier members on over a dozen of the leading boat and yacht websites. What does this mean for your boat? It means that your boat has premier placement, enhanced listings, and statistical record keeping on all of the leading boat and yacht websites. We continue to monitor the statistics, so we know how well your boat is being viewed or if a change in strategy is warranted.  Your vessel will also have your own dedicated web page through Weiss Marine, LLC.   We are also very in tune with what is happening not only in the boating community but also in the financial markets as well. We will market your boat internationally as well to capitalize on currency exchange rates. The current weak U.S. dollar means that, in some cases, it is more cost effective for an Australian, to take an example, to buy your boat here in the United States and have it shipped to Australia. We have sold several boats to Canada, Australia, the U.K. and even one to the Middle East! In order to market abroad, once again, we pay for premier placement on several foreign websites.   Web Marketing is only part of the equation. Our team has been doing this for a long time and we have built great relationships throughout the industry. Yes the old boys network is still alive and kicking which is why we maintain a sterling reputation with dozens upon dozens of other brokers. We talk to other brokers on a daily basis about our listings and we have earned their trust with our integrity. There are still a lot of boat deals that are done behind the scenes and we maintain those relationships so these avenues are available for your vessel.   Over the last few years, Weiss Marine has averaged 183 days to sell our listings.  This means we sell your boat in less than 2/3rds the time as compared to other brokers in the market. Let us put our infrastructure, experience and great relationships to work for you!